Dance From the Heart: Dancers Responding to Aids by Stacey-Jo Marine

by corbindances

by Stacey-Jo Marine

CorbinDances performed an excerpt from Shady for the Dance from the Heart: Dancers Responding to AIDS annual fundraiser on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. Choreographed by Patrick Corbin, Shady is the new work  that will premiere at the Joyce Theater on June 8, 2011! There were many amazing performances.  Denise Roberts Hurlin, director of DRA (Dancers Responding with Action), always curates an eclectic mix. Last night there were examples of tap, modern, jazz and flamenco and works that seem hard to place in only one category by discipline.

CorbinDances, Shady excerpt, infuses classical ballet with modern rhythms.  The three dancers, Gregory Dolbashian, Morgan Fogerty and Meggi Sweeney seem to be portraying a dream or someone’s memory.  Patrick’s work feels personal and like he’s telling a story.  Nejlia Y. Yatkin’s Journey to One, A Tango is another eclectic piece.  It is a modern work with tango and flamenco steps and attitude.  Ms. Yatkin wore a long, deep red silk skirt and danced with it as if it was her partner.  She often gathered the train of her skirt and wore it as a hood so that her body was surrounded by the soft fabric; it created the image of a birth.

My husband LOVED Monica Bill Barnes’ Another Parade excerpt (the “Sex Machine” section) – he had never seen this dance before.  I have seen it at least half a dozen times and could easily watch it a hundred more!  Those sweater ladies are comic prep – school geniuses. He also loved Brian Brooks in his I’m Going to Explode solo.  This work is kind of harried; Brian has a full body tic for the whole song by LCD Soundsystems.  There were also flashes of supple foot and floor work.  I love this work too.  I am super excited to see new work by Monica and Brian at the the Joyce Theater in June!

The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College was representing last night!  First, Chalvar Monteiro and Christopher Nolen danced in a slow and luscious duet called Tuesday: My Funny Valentine choreographed by very hip Kyle Abraham.  Nelly van Bommel showed her Fanfarneta excerpt with six exuberant dancers; Roseann Baker, Rena Butler, Breegan Kearney, Mary Page Nance, Sarah Stanley and Lucy Wilson.  Nancy Turano has been the artistic director of the fantastic and philanthropic New Jersey Dance Ensemble since 1994.  Gregory Dolbashian (from CorbinDances) is a Purchase alumni and so is Denise Roberts Hurlin (Founder of DRA).  Every person I just mentioned either graduated from the Conservatory of Dance or will this Spring.  That’s a lot of Purchase!

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